Duration: 3 days

Leadership and personal brand development. How to lead people

Learn Russian, American and European leadership styles and technics. Developing leadership skills, creating an attractive personal brand are key competences that a modern leader should have. That is why the EMAS Business School has developed the training that helps to solve both problems effectively. After training you will grow as a Leader and develop your Personal brand

Duration: 12 days

Marketing plan. Strategic Marketing. Marketing Management

Effective training for learning the most effective strategic marketing instruments designed to assess the market, advanced practical knowledge on modern marketing planning, strategic marketing, analysis and market forecast

Duration: 3 days

Sales management. Conducting important negotiations

Effective training for the acquisition of effective approaches, methods and tools widely used for setting up sales systems in response to the industrial and FMCG market requirements, negotiation techniques which ensure that the desired effect is achieved with minimum effort

Duration: 9 days

Company Strategy. Strategic management. Business plan

Effective training for the acquisition of the most advanced competencies in the development of the company's strategy, strategic management and business planning for those who want to take a leading position in business

Duration: 4 days

HR Management

Effective training for building a coherent human resources management system in the company

Duration: 1 day

Business Planing

Effective training on the concept of business planning