Soft-skills: Personal effectiveness skills of a successful person.

Soft-skills: Personal effectiveness skills of a successful person.

Effective soft skills training: "soft", "transprofessional" skills that help to work with people and solve important tasks in life.

At this training, you will learn how to communicate with people, avoid conflicts, learn to think outside the box, make decisions, and work in a team in order to be in high demand on the labor market as a professional. From Anna Panina, EMAS business coach, head of a recreation center, expert in the field of corporate culture, crisis management and public speaking. 

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$ 900
$ 900
$ 900

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In today’s dynamic business environment, the importance of soft skills cannot be overstated. EMAS Business School offers comprehensive Soft Skills and Personal Effectiveness Training designed to enhance the interpersonal and managerial capabilities of professionals across the globe. Our tailored programs focus on developing the critical soft skills that are essential for leadership, communication, and team success in the workplace.

Program Overview

EMAS Business School’s Soft Skills Training provides a robust curriculum aimed at fostering personal growth and professional development. This training is ideal for managers, executives, project managers, and any professionals aiming to elevate their career. Through a combination of expert coaching, practical exercises, and interactive learning, participants will gain the tools needed to excel in today's competitive job market.

Why Choose EMAS Business School for Soft Skills Training?

Our program offers numerous benefits that make it a leader in professional development:

  • Diverse Learning Formats. Catering to professionals from all walks of life, we offer our courses in various formats including online, full-time, part-time, blended, and hybrid options, ensuring flexibility regardless of your geographical location or schedule.
  • Global Accessibility. Participants can join from anywhere in the world, including Russia, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, Serbia, Croatia, Georgia, Australia, Singapore, Qatar, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cameroon, Malaysia, Philippines and beyond. Our diverse student base enhances the learning experience by integrating a wide range of perspectives.
  • Experienced Instructors. Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in business management and leadership development. They bring real-world expertise, providing valuable insights and personalized coaching.
  • Practical and Interactive Learning. We emphasize real-world applications and interactive learning through case studies, group discussions, and hands-on projects designed to test and improve your soft skills in practical settings.
  • Career Advancement. Enhancing your soft skills can lead to greater job satisfaction, improved workplace relationships, and higher efficiency, all of which are key to advancing in your career.

Program Highlights

  • Leadership Training. Learn how to motivate, inspire, and lead teams effectively in any business setting.
  • Communication Skills. Master the art of negotiation, conflict resolution, and persuasive communication to improve both your personal and professional relationships.
  • Team Building. Develop strategies to create cohesive and productive teams.
  • Personal Development. Gain insights into self-awareness, stress management, and emotional intelligence.

Take your professional skills to the next level with EMAS Business School’s Soft Skills and Personal Effectiveness Training. Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership qualities, improve team dynamics, or simply boost your career prospects, our program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills.

Join us from anywhere in the world and transform your professional life.


EMAS is one of the leading business schools in Central & Eastern Europe.

The best non-academic PROJECT-BASED IMPLEMENTATION consulting business school in Russia, and one of the few PROJECT-BASED IMPLEMENTATION schools in Europe and the World.

Students of EMAS MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs, as well as of different business trainings and seminars, come from all over the World – the USA, the EU, Russia, Canada, Australia, various Latin American, Asian and African countries.

EMAS is within the Top-900 best business schools in the World – 2 Palmes Award: GOOD BUSINESS SCHOOL WITH STRONG REGIONAL INFLUENCE, Eduniversal Business Schools ranking 2019 (France).



Learn how to communicate with different people, avoid or resolve conflicts, work as part of a team, but be able to organize and make decisions yourself.

Find out how to work with information, switch from one task to another, and master the basic skills of emotional intelligence and creativity.

Study public speaking skills.

Learning formats


Online training at a place and time convenient for you.

The most affordable format of the training. Despite its low price, EMAS guarantees high-quality education, comprehensive knowledge, and extensive business connections.

Graduates of the Online training at EMAS receive documents that are identical to the documents of graduates of the Full-time on-campus training.

Online training is a video of real full-time classroom sessions edited for online – not just presentations by teachers, but also questions, answers, analyzes of real examples of participants. This is the most advanced form of online learning, within the framework of which the effect of being present in a full-time on-campus audience is ensured. It surpasses the so-called "talking head" format when, instead of recording full-time classes, the listener watches a lecturer's abstract monologue – without students, real questions and answers to them.

EMAS regularly updates (overwrites) video tutorials – on average, every 1.5 – 2 years. Thus, we ensure the complete relevance of the materials and their identity to the full-time on-campus version of the training.

Program description

1 module

Soft-skills - Communication skills, customer orientation.

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2 module

Soft-skills - Skill of working in a team.

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3 module

Soft-skills - Creative thinking, creativity.

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4 module

Soft-skills - Self-organization and self-motivation skills.

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5 module

Soft-skills - Skill of working with information, making decisions.

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6 module

Soft-skills - Conflictology.

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7 module

Soft skills - Emotional intelligence.

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8 module

Soft-skills - The skill of public speaking.

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Certificate of the Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS) on the successful completion of the training