EMAS's scientific specialization is business modeling and strategic management

The Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) is a leading in Russia and Europe, and one of the best scientific institutes in the world – an expert in the field of strategic management, business modeling and business strategy. Unlike most other institutes, business schools and universities, EMAS has been conducting ongoing scientific work (since 2005) in the field of strategic management and business modeling, the result of which is a comprehensive methodology and tools for business modeling, business planning and strategic management. The methods and tools of strategic management and business modeling developed and constantly updated within the walls of EMAS, in their depth and practical applicability, significantly exceed the classical and modern developments of the vast majority of other institutes, business schools and universities.

Their key advantage is the algorithmic, mathematical and analytical connection of analysis and forecasting tools, the chosen business model, strategic goals and actions to achieve them. – As part of strategic work, a predictive model of the target market and a digital strategic model of the company and key competitors are created, which will allow modeling the effectiveness of any strategic decisions and activities, assessing their impact on specific quantitative economic indicators (revenue, profit, various profitability, market and individual clusters shares, break-even points, etc.). Strategic goals receive analytical justification and are supported by appropriate forecasts. Thus, the strategy developer has the opportunity to predict the effectiveness of planned strategic decisions and activities, comparing the predicted business results with the costs of their implementation. Thanks to this, the quality of strategic planning and business modeling is radically improved, and the risks of losses from making wrong decisions are reduced.

Most other business schools, universities and scientific organizations do not conduct focused, multi-year, in-depth, comprehensive research and development in this area, and do not have scientific developments comparable to those of EMAS.

All EMAS scientific developments undergo authoritative external scientific review (reviewers are independent, authoritative scientists with academic degrees of at least Doctor of Economic Sciences / PhD) and are published for public consumption in the form of scientific monographs (books) and scientific articles in leading scientific journals.

EMAS scientific developments have hundreds of successful implementations in dozens of industries by clients, students and graduates in more than 70 countries around the world.

EMAS's cutting-edge research and exceptional expertise in business strategy, business modeling and strategic management guarantees you the highest level of expertise in the strategic management of an organization.


The comprehensive methodology for business modeling, business strategy and strategic management, created at EMAS, includes the following blocks of knowledge:
• Market modeling and forecasting, market clustering.
• Business modeling, search for superior (effective) business models.
• Search for market niches, strategic marketing.
• Health of the company's product portfolio.
• Monitoring and management of customer satisfaction.
• Creation of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
• Branding and brand management, monitoring and management of brand equity.
• Strategic goal setting, management by goals.
• Managing the corporate (organizational) culture of the company.
• Personal effectiveness – strategic leadership and strategic thinking.
• Staff motivation. Effective methods of managing people with a “shift” mindset (the modern generation of people).
• Principles of professional strategic planning.
• Budgeting and management accounting in the strategic management system.
• and other issues of strategic management.

In the frame of methodology there were developed the following tools:
• “Market Value and Complexity – 1”, abbr. – MVC-1);
• “Market Value and Complexity – 2”, abbr. – MVC-2);
• “Market Risks”, abbr. – MARIS);
• “EMAS Comparative business processes analysis and forecasting matrixes”;
• “EMAS Heptahedron of organizational culture”;
• “EMAS Product Portfolio Health”;
• “Strategic digital model of organization, decision making matrix”, abbr. – DMM;
• Z-equation – forecasting sales volumes and shares of the organization and competitors in the preliminary target cluster.

The following classical instruments have been improved:
• refinement of the “Customer Satisfaction Index”, hereinafter referred to as EMAS CSI;
• refinement of the “EMAS Brand Equity Index”.

The methodology and tools in the latest 3rd version are described in detail in the following book by A.A. Kolyada, rector and scientific director of EMAS Business School: Kolyada A. The next level: Strategic management of a new era. M.: Alpina PRO, 2023. 616 p. The book is sold in both printed and electronic versions (in Russian language).


BOOKS PUBLISHED AS A FRAMEWORK OF SCIENTIFIC WORK (scientific monographs, textbooks):

1. Kolyada A. The next level: Strategic management of a new era. M.: Alpina PRO, 2023. 616 p.

2. Kolyada A. Effective tools for strategic analysis. How to make the right decision on an enterprise development strategy. N. Novgorod: Publishing House of EMAS Business School, 2014. 174 p.

3. Kolyada A. Marketing that works: creating an effective marketing strategy in domestic conditions, Minsk: Grevtsova Publishing House, 2006. - 240 p.


  1. Kolyada A.A., Plekhova Yu.O. Methodology for developing a business model of an organization and forecasting its economic efficiency. Text is here.

  2. Kolyada A.A., Plekhova Yu.O. Formation of a corporate culture that corresponds to the organization’s business model. Text is here.


We invite applicants, graduate students, PhD, candidates and doctors of science, MBA, Executive MBA and DBA students to cooperate! We always welcome active managers and scientists who are ready to work with us to develop the advanced economic science of strategic management – the methods and tools of business modeling, business strategy and strategic management!

Based on the methodology and tools we have created, you can write scientific articles, defend candidate and doctoral dissertations, and PhD and DBA theses. The methodology and tools are universal in nature and can be easily adapted to any industry and subject specificity, which is what your scientific work can be devoted to. The field of activity for clear and transparent joint scientific work is huge!