Message from Andrey Kolyada, Rector of EMAS:


Dear students, graduates, employees and teachers, as well as everyone who sees the EMAS Business School as a part of their life!

Over the past years, we have traveled a long way together, mastered new areas of activity and entered new international markets. We have become one of the leading business schools in Russia, we have partners in different parts of the world, we work all over the world. We have been providing students and graduates with cutting edge intellectual solutions and activities that improve their professional and personal lives. And, of course, we continue to develop.

The point of my appeal, however, is not a statement of success. I want every new student entering the EMAS Business School to know about our values, to accept for themselves what we all believe in. Because EMAS is not only about knowledge. It is equally important that EMAS is also about values and ideals, which are no less important than the most advanced knowledge.

Developing every year, rapidly changing and transforming in accordance with the hurricane pace of our time, we have what has always remained and must remain unchanged, which is the basis, the foundation of our development. - It is our commitment to the principles of honesty and ethics in all our affairs. As well as love for the Motherland. Due to the fact that we have always followed ethical standards, we were honest, we remembered that we do not just teach, study and grow together and earn money, but also, each in our own way, work for the benefit of our Motherland and people. We’ve managed to create a truly successful and prestigious school with quality programs, an attractive ecosystem, brilliant students, graduates, staff and faculty. It was faith in our values, no matter how big it sounds, ​​that helped us look ahead with confidence, despite the fact that we have repeatedly encountered, someone's unfair play.

We believe that the behavior of each of us – a student, graduate, teacher, employee, each of our partners, matters. It's important to do the right thing. Each of us has a personal responsibility to protect the reputation of EMAS. Everyone can strengthen it or, conversely, discredit it. Because we live in an age when the actions of each person matter and can change the world.

An axiom that does not require proof is the fact that we must all adhere to a zero-tolerance policy for the manifestation of any discrimination, corruption, fraud, dishonesty and dishonest play in business and in life. In order to codify our values ​​and worldview, we have adopted the Code of Ethical Behavior (hereinafter - the Code), which covers the minimum basic standards of ethics and core values, which each of us must adhere to in all circumstances. It should, and nothing else - if we want to consider ourselves a part of a single EMAS family. The education and educational institution in which a person once studied is a story for his entire life. Even after graduation, you will always be a graduate. Therefore, we are talking about things that should become a part of our life throughout the time that is allotted to each of us in this world.

The principles of ethical conduct that are summarized in this Code should guide our thoughts and actions, and determine how we communicate with each other within the school (students, alumni, faculty, staff, guest lecturers, etc.), as well as with everyone who becomes a part of our business and life, coming into it from the outside (for example, business partners, the state in any of its manifestations, various communities, etc.).

In addition to the obvious fact that each of us must comply with the Laws of our country, we must also follow everything that is formulated in this Code. It contains our basic ethical standards and core values, which include cheerfulness, friendliness, positivity, curiosity, responsibility and mutual respect.

The Code is intended to guide our actions in the implementation of any tasks.

It guides us in business and in life, and gives us the right to act. I do not just believe, I know! That if we all abide by the principles of this Code, we can not only achieve our personal goals, but also make our countries and the lives of our people better.

And this is no less important than reaching the desired peaks yourself.

Code of Ethical Behavior