One of the best experts in Business Strategy & Strategic Management in the world

EMAS is one of the world's best experts in Business Strategy, Strategic Management, Leadership & Strategic Thinking which are the most important courses for top managers and business owners. The best expert (among business schools) in Central & Eastern Europe! → The best choice for business owners & managers who are looking for upgrading and scaling up their companies, as well as for young people who want to climb the career ladder promptly.

  • Apart from well-known instruments, EMAS has a profound methodology of contemporary strategic management. – EMAS MIM, MBA, Executive MBA, and DBA students study the most advanced methods and tools of Business Strategy & Strategic Management, which are not taught at the majority of other schools! No more than 10 - 15 schools in the world can offer a similar level of study at these courses!

  • There are hundreds of successful projects implemented by EMAS students and graduates all over the world.

EMAS exceptional expertise in Business Strategy, Strategic Management, Leadership & Strategic Thinking guarantees the excellence of EMAS graduates and their professional supremacy over the graduates of the schools without sufficient knowledge in these must-have areas of modern business!

One of the leading business schools in Central and Eastern Europe and the World

Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) is one of the leading business schools in Central and Eastern Europe and the world – 2 Palmes Award: Good business school with strong regional influence, Eduniversal Business Schools ranking 2019 (France).

EMAS offices are in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

EMAS programs have four formats: full-time on-campus, part-time, blended learning and 100% online.

Every program is in English or Russian - up to a student's choice.

Brilliant Russian Business Education – EMAS is often referred to as "Russian Stanford"

EMAS is often called this way because the main focus of EMAS programs is business and entrepreneurship.

MIM, MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs at EMAS do not include general education disciplines (like theoretical economics and the basic principles of management).

Instead, they place great emphasis on providing students with a deep and profound understanding of professional management competencies (like business modelling, strategies of business development, business growth on fluctuating markets).

This is what makes EMAS completely different from university business schools and their online counterparts. 

It is Brilliant Russian Business Education!

EMAS is an ecosystem helping your business career flourish.

EMAS is among the BIG 5 business schools in Russia & Eastern Europe in terms of MBA, Executive MBA and DBA students.



One of the world’s top non-academic business schools focused on implementation projects

The business school focused on implementation projects. → The best choice for those who are looking for practical skills with instant use in their business / job (implementation projects).
EMAS professors are actual practitioners and business achievers with real practical skills, as opposed to academicians with abstract knowledge of little practical value and zero business experience.

  • Project-based study – Every MIM, MBA, Executive MBA and DBA program at EMAS includes a lot of implementation projects.
  • No theoretical abstract case studies – The study process covers the real practice and needs of every student.

The most businesslike business school in Central & Eastern Europe

The distinguished private business school that earns its income by working on the global market. → The best choice for those who want to study from real achievers in business but not from empty words of lecturers with no successful business background.

  • Only real business practice – The curriculum doesn’t include any "abstract" knowledge of little relevance to the real needs of people who want to achieve excellence in business and be successful.
  • The practical skills for winning in highly competitive surroundings – MIM, MBA, Executive MBA and DBA students at EMAS get handy tools for growing great companies and building impressive careers.

EMAS is one of the few global business schools in the world

Study MIM, MBA, Executive MBA, DBA programs & business seminars from anywhere in the world!

Learn together with people from the USA, Russia, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, South Africa and other places from all over the world!

Join a truly global network, increase your income and build a career anywhere you wish!

Distance (100% online) format / blended learning / full-time on-campus / part-time formats up to your choice.


EMAS itself has undergone digitalization. So, in addition to its traditional study programs, EMAS also offers digital Executive MBA and DBA implementation programs that allow students to digitalize their companies, thereby boosting their efficiency significantly.


# 1 in Russia

among Business Schools with online MBA, the Russian National ranking

# 1 in Russia

among Business Schools with blended learning MBA, Russian National ranking

# 2 in Russia

among Business Schools with full-time on-campus MBA, Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking

ТОP 14 in CE Europe

among the best МВА programs in Central and Eastern Europe, Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking

ТОP 20 in CE Europe

among the best Executive МВА programs in Central and Eastern Europe, Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking

ТОP 200 in the world

among the best MBAs & Executive MBAs worldwide, Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking