The Graduates Association (which includes all MBA, Executive MBA and DBA EMAS graduates) operates in EMAS. The Association was founded in 2017.

The overall goal of the Graduates Association is to unite students and graduates from different countries and generations, protect and promote their interests, exchange professional knowledge and skills between members of the association, as well as EMAS students and employees, and participate in the activities of EMAS Business School.

The activities of the Association are funded by EMAS. The Association members take an active part in preparing and holding the quarterly EMAS global forums and other events, conducting regular webinars of EMAS graduates and work as members of examination commissions.

As of 01.09.2020, the Association includes 265 graduates.

Graduates of the MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs obtain the life-long right to take one module of the program for free per year. Thus, EMAS guarantees its graduates the opportunity to maintain and constantly update the existing knowledge. Evidence shows that graduates use this right.

In addition, the school has a loyalty program for graduates - a permanent 15% discount on any program.