EMAS Business Coach

Business Coach of the EMAS Business School.
President of the EMAS Club of Boards of Directors.

Expert and teacher of the EMAS Business School on strategic Management.

Defended the degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at the EMAS Business School.

Executive Director in the company “TH Megapolis-Tajikistan”, which is part of the “Mercury” Group of Companies, Russia.

Experience in leadership positions – more than 10 years.

Extensive experience in building and optimizing complex reporting systems using IT tools of our own development.

Extensive experience in project management. Development, management and implementation of large distribution and production projects.

Interview with Andrey Nedosekin

1.    Describe yourself briefly (full name, professional area, disciplines you teach at EMAS).

My name is Andrey Nedosekin. Looking back from 2022, I started my career 14 years ago. However, my managerial experience is more than 10 years, and my experience in managing companies is more than 4 years. During this period, I was able to work in marketing, sales, logistics, and financial departments. But it was the marketing and sales department where I started to develop as a manager.
For more than a year I have been teaching strategic management disciplines at EMAS, including such modules as Analysis and Audit, Marketing Management, Goal Setting, Change Management, Leadership, and Corporate Culture.

2.    How did you start your career?

In September 2008, right after graduating from university, I got my first serious job, aside from the part-time jobs I had as a student. My undergraduate degree is in software engineering and I managed to get a job as a database administrator in a large manufacturing and trading company. Thus, I started my career path by gaining experience that was in line with my undergraduate degree. But quickly enough, within 3 years, I was drawn into the field of sales, where I had already begun to climb the career ladder quite actively.

3.    What changes have you noticed in yourself during your period of teaching?

First and foremost, it's an increase in the level of expertise in different areas of business. A large number of projects constantly cross your path, and in each one you need to immerse yourself and understand whether the student has implemented this or that tool correctly, and what risks and opportunities they see. Without understanding the specifics, it is quite difficult to assess the quality of the work. Of course, it is possible to check the methodology without any details, but at EMAS we try to include comments on the business component to make the project more effective because many of our students write their projects about real companies. 
I was also drawn to the Leadership field, which is also reflected in the specifics of my work. I worked in several countries and in some very different lines of business, where it is difficult to feel confident enough and achieve the set goals without certain skills in the field of Leadership. Now I actively immerse myself in this field.

4.    Advice to all students and applicants on how to achieve their goals.

For sure one of the key goals you have is to get your coveted degree. I would recommend using long-term planning and time management skills now. Many applicants and students think that getting a business degree can easily be balanced with work, going to the theater, a favorite hobby, spending time with family, etc. In fact, it is possible to balance it all, but in any case, it requires organizing one's time on a slightly different, more advanced level. And in the case of EMAS, I recommend a very clear approach to the allocation of your time for 2-3 years in advance, depending on the program of study. You go to EMAS for knowledge, and that requires your full commitment. I would recommend you to allocate at least 2, or better 4 hours daily from your normal schedule and devote them completely to your studies. And never study in between other activities. Learning must be deliberate, and you must clearly understand that you are investing part of your time in this learning. Only then will the process be effective.