Natalia Eftivieva
EMAS Business Coach

PhD in Economics, Doctor.

Laureate of the Educational Specialist Award by Chelyabinsk region Legislative Assembly.

The Free Economic Society of Russia board member,

Chelyabinsk region Free Economic Society of Russia Chairperson.

Practicing consultant-analyst, MBA trainer

Awarded with a grant for doing research work for industrial companies financed by Chelyabinsk region and Russian Federation government.

Published books “Financial Report Analysis” (2015), "Economic and Financial Analysis" (2015) and over 70 scientific works and articles in the sphere of management accounting, economic analysis and audit.

Implemented her own methodology in a number of industrial companies’ management projects related to streamlining management accounting in complex industrial systems, HR management, production energy efficiency management, and production cost management.

Designed a new cost management TVC-methodology which allows to model managerial decisions on industrial capacity load on the basis of operational production management, analyze economic consequences of taking certain managerial decisions with reference to financial responsibility centers, create motivation systems for financial responsibility centers at the level of certain workplaces, line managers, services, shop floor, company top-management.

15-year working experience of training financial directors, accountants and auditors.