We continue our weekly column "Smarter, cooler, stronger!"

Today we want to introduce you to an outstanding EMAS student, Vladislav Zlygostev. He gladly agreed to share his achievements and hobbies with us, and let us tell you, the list is not short.

Vladislav is a getting a teaching degree in International Etiquette, he is a 2nd year student of Japanese Ikebana school (he's already become a 1st level master), he has written 200 poems in the love lyric genre and he is a poet of Japanese haiku (he is preparing 2 collections to be published at the moment). This year he received 2 patent depositions for his management methods in 10 months.

In addition, Vladislav has received more than 120 diplomas and certificates. He has also received 4 doctoral reviews this year, and he systematically takes part in international academic conferences, has published 71 scholarly articles, including 5 monographs. Lately Vladislav has been focusing on research and study of Japanese management, subtleties of Japanese business etiquette and ethics, as well as Japanese communications. To date, 25 of Vladislav's methodologies in administration, management and strategic analysis have been registered.

Vladislav has also won 63 medals in various fields, including various exhibitions and conferences. His practical manual written as a result of his on-the-job training internship was presented at the London Book Fair, three times at the Frankfurt Fair, and at the Hong Kong World Fair. This book has won nine gold medals in Russia and abroad. Vladislav also plans to publish a sequel to his book, focusing on research into the Kaizen system of continuous improvement – employee motivation in Japanese enterprises.

After reading such a list of hobbies and achievements (and this is only a small part), most people will have a question: how does Vladislav manage everything, how does he find the balance, the golden mean between work, family, hobbies and self-development? Vladislav told us that he relaxes when he is being creative. Vladislav not only writes haiku poems and does ikebana, but also does painting and Japanese calligraphy, and has set several records in making miniature versions of various dishes.

Vladislav is an incredibly active and hardworking man who sleeps 2-3 hours a day. Living on Sakhalin, he hasn't missed a single EMAS webinar, although they start at 2 or 3 in the morning local time.

We wish Vladislav further success and victories in all his endeavors. We are very proud of our students, because WE MAKE THE STRONG SUCCESSFUL!