Today in our regular column “Better, smarter, stronger” we want to introduce you to Victor Omoshenni Williams! The Associate Director – International Student Recruitment (Africa/MENA) at Arden University Berlin.

Fortunately, he is also an EMAS DBA program student! 

His story is a mystery and divine. Starting his life mysteriously, unknowing that he was an orphan, later being adopted, and then the realities of his life start to unfold in sequence.

From the orphanage, through personal shortcomings, life uncertainties, and human adversaries to getting an education, he worked very hard to survive, meeting with people who have taught him a lot and diversely impacted his life. Victor rose through the ranks in a career he never chose to become a Director for International Recruitment of a global organization. Finally, having a family of his own and a healthy life, Victor Williams has become a DBA student of EMAS School! 

«If you have something to say, let the world hear about it» - this is exactly the view our hero upholds. Victor has written some books being inspired by his career progress and knowledge acquired on the job in the IT, education, and management industry. He tries to share his views and recommendations on specific topics which he feels are important in the international education and management industry. 

Victor's attitude towards life is simple, and there are some thoughts of his:

• There is dignity in labor. So he works very hard and he's an advocate of honest and decent hard work;

• For self and society. Every material or intellectual resource he acquires is meant for his benefits, the benefits of his immediate family, and the development of any community he finds himself;

• Optimism. Regardless of what life throws at him, he's always optimistic in everything he does, even when there seem to be no light “yet” at the end of the tunnel;

• CCP (In all that he does, he applies: Confidence – Common sense – Patience). This he was taught during his early days of study;

• Asking questions. He's never ashamed to ask questions when he doesn't know what to do. Victor believes asking questions does not portray him as ignorant, rather presents him as teachable. 

Victor has achieved a lot in his life: traveling to 26 countries, making friends from almost all the continents in the world, building a house, having a wife, a son, buying cars… However, above all, his ultimate goal in life is to build and raise a beautiful and happy family.

What helps Victor most in accomplishing anything is his simple and honest determination to do everything he set out to do excellently. That’s why he has amazing advice for all of us – his colleagues and friends: «It will always be okay in the end, if it’s not yet okay, it’s not the end». 

We know that's only the beginning of his bright and amazing way, that's why we wish Victor Williams good luck and even more achievements with the knowledge obtained at EMAS because WE MAKE THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!