Today, according to the tradition of our weekly column, we will tell you about a holder of a black belt of the first category, a winner of the Northwestern Federal District Cup, the Champion of Russia, a silver medalist of the Hapkido World Cup, Timofey Markov, and yes, this all is about one person.

Since childhood, Timofey had been doing karate, but due to circumstances, he had to give up this hobby, but not his love for martial arts. So later, Timofey began to practice Hapkido, he was attracted by a new kind of Korean martial arts. The first lesson was not easy for Timofey, but, despite this, Timofey got enthusiastic about this hobby: "You learn new things that you could not do before, something starts to work out." 

Now the black belt holder has set truly global goals - to take part in the European Championship in 2022, to prepare a more difficult program to compete for gold at the next World Cup or Championship, and he also has a desire to prepare and try himself in other Hapkido disciplines.

Like all of us, athletes go through difficult periods and they also have moments when it becomes not easy.

We asked Timofey how he copes with such situations, this is what he replied: “It can be hard, very hard, and unbearably hard. Belief in your strength helps not to give up what you started, the understanding that if others could, then you can too, you just need to find a way. Those who attended the EMAS Summer Forum 2021 remember the speech of Alexey Sementsov, who talked about the management training tools based on the athlete training system. This system really works in sports and life: when you are physically at the limit, you can’t come up with anything else and emotionally drooped, then the correct spiritual state will help “pull” yourself out of the hole and give a powerful incentive to continue moving towards your goal. ”

It's amazing how EMAS helps its students not only in their business but also in life! Are you already using this system? If not, then it's time to start.

We wish Timofey Markov success, the achievement of all his goals, and you never lose faith in yourself and your strength! Timofey's motto is “no need to be afraid”, follow his example, and you will achieve incredible success, and EMAS will help you with this because WE MAKE THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!