We continue our column "Smarter, Cooler, Stronger!"

Today we want to share the story of our Executive MBA student Pavel Ustyuzhanin. Pavel assembled a hockey team on his own and won several trophies at prestigious hockey tournaments.

As Pavel says, his story with the hockey stick and skates started like a fairy tale. One fine winter day, when he was 36 years old, a hockey field day was organized at the recreation center of the company where Pavel worked. He could barely stand on his skates, but that did not discourage him from playing. When Pavel arrived home, he began researching where to play hockey, how, and whether there were classes for adult men who couldn't skate. Paul also got his colleagues involved in his new hobby. Not without difficulty they rented their first ice rink in their city's ice palace, hired a coach, and success didn't keep them waiting.

If during their first test games they lost to more experienced opponents with a difference of 20 pucks, then a year later they lost no more than 10, and after three years they were just a little short of victory. And in the fourth year, their team applied to the NHL (Night Hockey League). They were the originators of the tournament in the region, joining with other teams for the spirit of competition. Several teams participated. As a result, Pavel's team took second place.

As Pavel says, the medals from this tournament are special! They are something you’d want to show to your kids, to add to their motivation to move forward. One small dream came true.

And next up is… only the Olympic Sochi, where the final games among the winners of regional championships are held. The dream seems unrealistic, but we all know that nothing is impossible.

Now Pavel is 43. His team is still united and plays hockey. Looking at them, more and more new people come to hockey, those who thought it was too late, or for some other reason found a reason to give in to the power of the sofa. They are joined by younger people, seeing the fighting spirit of their older comrades. Hockey is more than just a game!

Pavel says: "Remember that a person can do anything, you just have to get up and go! Ah, yes, we are all students of the EMAS business school, so let's make it more complex. You need to build a competent, detailed strategic plan and follow it strictly!"

Paul's hobbies include not only hockey, but also soccer and skiing. All of these athletic hobbies have their own strengths and weaknesses. But hockey is the most exciting, most creative and most masculine.

We wish Pavel further success and victories in all his endeavors, because WE MAKE THE STRONG SUCCESSFUL!