To continue our column “Better, smarter, stronger”, we would like to introduce you to another outstanding student who studies at EMAS - Nithiananthan Vegayathunam! 

Nith comes from Malaysia where everyone plays football or at least talks about it, that’s why he was destined to bound his life to football. He was lucky enough to be invited to a TV show to discuss football. It was a friend of his who invited Nith through a website for marathon lovers, and their discussion was so passionate and fascinating that they decided to co-create a new show where they incorporated Nith’s fresh and revolutionary ideas that changed the format of chat shows. 

The show had sky-high ratings, and Nith became famous for being “the Orangeman, the voice of public opinion”.  His contract term with the TV station was to call him The Orangeman on the show, and this is how he presents himself. This nickname appeared because Nith always wears something orange, because he believes that this color is the most passionate.

He always wanted to share his ideas on football, sometimes they were quite controversial. Thanks to his natural ability to speak on camera, he became very famous. People recognize him on the streets, buy him meals in restaurants, he gets free upgrades flying overseas. 

But popularity sometimes takes its toll, and Nith has faced some problems due to his controversial speeches. The difficulties came when he said something against the government and the football association. It caused a wave of hate on the Internet, people said nasty things when they saw him in public places.

However, Nith always stays very optimistic. Now, he doesn’t think that he has encountered too many difficulties and mostly remembers the fun. 

We are proud to have Nith Vegaya among us, the famous Orangeman, who has changed the view on the format of football chat shows. He showed us that holding to your own thoughts and ideas can change the whole world around you. We wish him good luck and even more achievements with the knowledge obtained at EMAS, because WE MAKE THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!