We continue to introduce EMAS students to you through our weekly column. Today we will tell you about the MBA student Natalia Baskaeva.️

All of us have ever had to deal with burnout, stress, and in such situations, we all certainly looked for and are looking for a source of the reboot. When walks, yoga, and meditation get boring, then one wants to try something special, so our student Natalya Baskaeva once unexpectedly had the idea to relieve stress by jumping with a parachute, and this spontaneous decision radically changed her life!

This girl has had a passionate love for parachuting for 3 years and 174 jumps behind her! A week after the first jump, she realized that she could not live without it. After 3 months she became an athlete, received a special parachute certificate. Natalia shared with us her first impressions of the jump: “The first jump was in tandem with an instructor. The height was 4000m. The impressions cannot be compared with anything, no bungee will give such sensations! It is as if your consciousness turns off, all thoughts disappear. During the flight, there are absolutely no thoughts about work or family. Complete reboot! But then the first thought upon landing is that this is happiness! In general, jumps teach a lot: first of all, a re-comprehension of life, values. You look at life differently after every jump”. 

Very inspiring, isn't it? But there are also many difficulties in this matter, which Natalia also shared with us: “You have to monitor the weather, wake up at 5 am, drive 180 km from home, the road takes 2.5 hours one way, but it doesn't matter how far and for how long. This is my place of power. There isn’t any problem, just me, my parachute and the sky. This is the whole thrill. These emotions inspire, charge.

If you’ve got inspired, then here are some tips from Natalia: comply with all safety requirements, be prepared that something may go wrong, and you have only 3 seconds to make a decision. This skill is very important in life as well. Not only not to be afraid to make a mistake, but also in case of a mistake, not to be afraid to go further.

We wish Natalia good luck, an easy jump, and a soft landing!  We hope that her story inspired you as much as it did us, you see, 174 jumps – it is very cool! And this is not the limit! Outstanding students study at EMAS because WE MAKE THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!