Today we will talk about the student of the DBA program, Jose Ramon Bronet, who took 3rd place TWICE in the Taekwondo competition in Madrid and has created his own team! «Your performance is the outcome of your training» - that’s what he teaches his team.

He is definitely a follower of self-development and hard work! "When I finished my career, I didn't stop studying. I completed multiple masters and other types of degrees while working full-time. If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best!" And EMAS totally supports the life-long learning conception!

Jose Ramon Bronet is a Senior Director in CISCO company, and it is a huge success to him! He has come through a long journey full of challenges and worked hard to get to this position – 8 years ago he joined AppDynamics and became a Manager there. Then AppDyanics was acquired by CISCO.

A year after, he got promoted to Director, and between one and 2 years after, he got his promotion to Senior Director. To this date, he is the only Senior Director in Professional Services in the AppDynamics Business Unit Worldwide! That is really amazing, right? 

Apart from that, we would like to mention that along his journey, he has attained the "Chartered Manager" status, which is the highest recognition in the Management and Leadership Profession in the UK, it is quite difficult to get and that's what makes him proud of himself and us proud of having a student like that.

We asked Jose Ramon Bronet what advice he could give EMAS students, and that is what he said: "Success is achieved through failure. You can't be successful without failure." This sounds wise, does not it?

His own example illustrates this recommendation very well: when he got a Manager position, he did not have a proper education and much experience in leadership and managing, so it was hard for him to "manage" people, and he was demoted. But he did not give up and set a 5 year-long plan that consisted of formal education on Management and Leadership and Coaching and Mentoring; with the aim to obtain the status of Chartered Manager.

Before completing his first formal education, he got his job back and started to get promotion after promotion as he was capable of applying everything that he learned very successfully and in a very innovative way: "I didn't drop studying and I did everything I intended to do (including becoming Chartered Manager), and I do not regret a single second I spent working long hours to get that done. So remember: life is not fair, and you will fail often, and it doesn't matter how many times you fail; what matters is that you stand up and continue your journey."

What an inspirational story! We hope that his example will teach you that giving up is never an option. And even if you face failure, you need to get yourself together and keep going, finding new solutions to the problem and getting new experience along the way! Remember that this is important to never stop learning and developing yourself! 

EMAS thanks Jose Ramon Bronet for sharing his story and experience and wishes him good luck and success in achieving all his goals! We are really happy to have such students in our EMAS family because WE MAKE THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!