Today in our regular column “Better, smarter, stronger” we want to introduce you to Elmine Fotabe! The Founder and President of the FUNIC University in Cameroon, EMAS Business School partner in Cameroon, and the Cameroon Country Representative of Rome Business School.

Fortunately, she is also an EMAS DBA program student!

She has always been showing herself as a person with an extremely active attitude to life and society. When she saw the need to close the gap between current education in the country and the market needs, she immediately decided that she wanted to make a contribution by opening her own school.  What a huge move!

Passion for quality education and the growing need for good education is something that motivated her to create FUNIC and it keeps her motivated today. Her goal is to be able to provide help to many young people in Cameroon and Africa. FUNIC is a community whose mission is to help those people who can’t afford to get a good education.  They encourage people who are interested in making a difference, so that by the end of their education they could help other people just like themselves.

The programs at FUNIC have a practical approach in the fields of entrepreneurship and software engineering. They are aimed to make the graduates be able to create jobs, not to look for them. EMAS shares the values of FUNIC, that is why FUNIC is the EMAS partner and representative in Cameroon!

Elmine shared a couple of things that help her to keep the balance with us. The first thing is that she never dives into activities, but takes her time planning. She uses the prioritizing model. She tends to delegate some things that are neither important nor urgent. The second thing is that Elmine keeps going back to schedule. She plans daily and weekly because he has too many things to handle without taking time for planning.  

One of the things she never compromises is family time. She always makes sure that nothing interferes with her family time on weekends. “There are some things that can’t be delegated or compromised, there are some things that we must get done ourselves.” She says that finding the right balance is the key to achieving our dreams.  

What makes Elmine happy is to see that she is able to help people achieve their goals, transform their lives. And what makes EMAS happy is to have such outstanding students!