We continue to tell you about EMAS students! Did you know that there is an incredibly talented poet among you? 

Today we will tell you about Elena Sosnitskaya, an EMAS student in the Executive MBA program, the recipient of medals "Anton Chekhov 160 years", "Sergei Yesenin 125 years", "Ivan Bunin 150 years", "Afanasiy Fet 200 years", nominated for the Sergei Yesenin literary prize "My Russia", national literary prize "Poet of the Year". Her works are included in the Catalogue of Modern Literature, published in the almanacs of the Russian Writers' Union, and Elena herself was included in the authors of the Anthology of Russian Poetry from 2019-2021.

Her love of poetry began in her childhood. Elena grew up in a military family, her parents had an extensive library, they often hosted literary evenings and everyone in her family read poetry. "Poetry for me is like strings on a guitar, you try different notes, and you get a melody..."

Elena shared the inspiration for her "melodies". "I've always treated my poems as a way to express my feelings: I often wrote when my soul was in pain. I love to travel, trying to use every opportunity to see the world and reflect the reality around me through poetry" 

She calls Sergei Yesenin her teacher, loves Omar Khayyam, to whom she even dedicated a poem!

She writes poems about love, about life, sometimes in English, and also does poetic translations. "I will never take up writing poetry that I don't have a heart for. I think it's wrong. You have to believe in what you're writing about. If you do, the reader will believe you too".

Elena Sosnitskaya is also a recipient of the Heritage literary prize, which aims to find new talented authors whose work preserves traditional cultural values. The selection process is very rigorous, so the news of her winning the prize was the most important event in her life. We congratulate Elena and wish her creative success, endless inspiration and lots of creative insights!

Elena has a recommendation for aspiring writers: "Never give up and always go forward. Improve, polish off the edges and your rough stones will shine like diamonds with achievements". Even those of us who aren’t writers can make use of this advice.

So, friends, let's go only forward, towards new victories and achievements together with EMAS, because WE MAKE THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!