Today we are going to tell you about another outstanding student of the EMAS DBA program — Dominique Blais, a successful promoter for many artists such as Motorhead, Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), The Misfits, Anthrax, Voivod, Marky Ramone, Skid Row and many others. That is unbelievably cool, don't you think?

The story of our hero is an example of hard work and determination. Dominique began as a guitar player for Radio Canada and a worker at Steve Vai's personal home studio in Hollywood back in the 1990s. He also recorded several albums, some of them were nominated for awards at the Canadian Country Music Awards and the East Coast Music Awards. Until 2003, while Vice-President of The Show Must Go On Productions inc., a concert promotion company based in Canada and USA, he organized and promoted many concerts and sports events and toured with North American and European artists both in Canada and the USA.

Dominique laughs: “It was difficult to balance work and family while touring and as I got older, I realized that it was more important for me to have a stable job and access to a comfortable bed”.

Dominique has decided to share his knowledge and life hacks with others - since 2003 he has held several positions in post-secondary education, including teacher, program director, director of studies, vice-president of academic affairs and deputy general manager within the "Music Business Administration" program at Montreal's Trebas Institute. I bet you can barely find a more industrious person! 

We asked Dominique what his secret to success is. Some say you need to work hard to be successful, while others say luck is everything. “To be successful, it is important not to be intimidated by the scale of the project. You just need to have a great sense of responsibility, a good ability to analyze, some good organization skills and know how to delegate to the right people who are more competent than you”. 

We are at EMAS all for this point of view - that is what great business administration means. You need to be a tough cookie to become a sensible manager, but do not worry, you are in good hands - EMAS MAKES THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!