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Our traditional column "Better, Smarter, Stronger!" continues to introduce you to outstanding EMAS students. Today we are talking about Dilafruz Mamadzhanova from Tajikistan. Unlike many of our students, she does not work in business. She works as a Private Sector Specialist for an international organization and helps the private sector to develop in different directions.

She also works as a business mentor for the project Technovation Challenge for Girls ( The project involves girls identifying a social problem and trying to solve it with an app, also learning how to monetize their project. "I am honored to be a part of this project and help young people develop and share my knowledge and skills with them. I also learn a lot from the girls and get an amazing boost of energy and motivation," says Dilafruz.

Among other wonderful qualities of Dilafruz, it is impossible not to mention her modesty - despite the fact that she is a finalist in several programs and has other successes, she does not consider these to be achievements.

Dilafruz says that for a long time she was looking for an MBA program that would be more practical than theoretical, and is very glad that she chose EMAS. Unfortunately, because she had Covid, she is behind schedule, but since the first module she has been completely absorbed by her studies and she is determined to catch up. "I would like to offer advice to those who are in a difficult situation and who don't know how and where to go from here. The most important thing is not to stand still, to try and learn new things. It's better to say that you failed after trying than to say that you regret not trying at all, wandering what could have been if you had succeeded" - says our heroine.

We wish Dilafruz and her charges every success, you make the world a better place, and we MAKE THE STRONG BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!