💥And we continue our section #coachtips. 
Today #coachtips will be given by EMAS coach on strategic management and business modeling Vasily Shatura.
📍Executive MBA degree from EMAS business school.
📍Diploma in International Financial Reporting in Russian (DipIFR)

#coachtips Firstly, if you came to EMAS just for a diploma, then most likely you will not receive it. And if there is a knowledge - don’t be passive, get the most out of the module (after all, you paid for it!). Secondly, I sincerely envy those students who have just entered and have yet to discover the amazing world of EMAS knowledge. This is very inspiring and guiding. You just need to take it, and this is my parting word - immediately start mastering and using it, otherwise all this knowledge will remain on the shelf called “I’m about to start, but this is not certain.”