shibanov eng
EMAS Business Coach

Specializing in strategic management disciplines:

• Corporate strategy. Strategic goal setting

• Business analysis. Business modeling and forecasting the market and a company

• Marketing management. Target market position. Branding

A graduate of the Executive MBA programs of EMAS and GFKM (Poland) Business Schools, and the DBA program of EMAS Business School.

The Deputy Director for business development of the company "ResourceTrans".

Over 16 years of experience in managing the real business in teams of top managers.

8-year consulting experience in the field of management.

More than 8 years of experience in optimizing and developing business processes.

Project management experience - over 10 years.

Worked on the development of a strategy of the Makfa company along with his colleagues.

Led the project that became TOP-2 in the nomination at the ENES-2014, which is the All-Russian competition of projects in the field of energy preservation and boosting energy efficiency held under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

The winner of the nomination "Leader of Economic Growth-2007".