Andrey Miroshnichenko
Business Coach

EMAS Business Trainer. In charge of “Knowledge Management” module of EMAS Executive MBA program

Business consultant in Knowledge and Competences Management known for taking part in consulting projects for such companies as RZD (Russian Railways), RDTech, The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, Daynova, Itransition,, STA Logistic, Transimperial, etc.

Professional ICU coach.

“KM Alliance” (Russian Knowledge Management Experts and Specialists Association) expert.

Head of Knowledge and Competences Management Centre at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

“Minsk Knowledge Management Office” founder.

Author of numerous articles on knowledge management, system restrictions, business model development, systems of company performance continual improvement.

Author of e-courses in Personnel Management, Organizational Behavior as well as scenarios for RZD (Russian Railways) e-courses in “Developing the company learning environment”, “Staff development management technology”, “Creating a self-educating organization”.

Author of a number of consulting tools in Knowledge Management.