Duration: 6 months

Master in Management (MIM, MM, MBM)

This is a 6-month program, a post-graduate course, for those who want to start a career in management. During this course, we will introduce you to the most important management tools and instruments giving you a head start on the labour market. No working experience is required! 60 ECTS.

The program gives an extra value - it is a Starter MBA. At the end of the course, you can continue studying at any of our MBA programs and acquire the most up-to-date management knowledge and skills to boost your career growth and get promoted to top positions. If you do, you will only have to pay the difference between the Master in Management (MIM, MM, MBM, MMgt) and an MBA of your choice. This is a remarkable opportunity to start doing an MBA in a fast track mode and, thus, make an impressive step forward in career development for those who can't study at an MBA or Executive MBA program right now. The option to continue studying at any of our MBA programs is valid for 3 years after graduation from the Master in Management.

EMAS exceptional expertise in Business Strategy and Strategic Management guarantees the excellence of EMAS graduates and their professional supremacy over the graduates of the schools without sufficient knowledge in these must-have areas of modern business.

Expert knowledge and a prestigious Master in Management diploma from Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) guarantee your career and income growth.

Duration: 9 days

Company Strategy. Business plan. Strategic Management

Effective training for those who have already understood that success in business is based on professionalism in developing and execution of a company’s strategy. By Andrey Kolyada, Rector of EMAS, one of the best experts in strategic management in Central & Eastern Europe.

Acquisition of the most advanced competencies in the development and execution of a company's strategy, strategic management, and business planning.

The program presents the effective methodology of strategic planning and management for working in an unstable environment, on markets with strong competition, both local and global.

Suitable for small – medium – large business

Duration: 12 days

Marketing plan. Strategic Marketing. Marketing Management

Effective training for learning the most effective strategic marketing instruments designed to assess the market, advanced practical knowledge on modern marketing planning, strategic marketing, analysis and market forecast

Duration: 3 days

Sales Management. Enhancing the effectiveness of Sales

Effective training for the acquisition of effective approaches, methods, and tools widely used for setting up effective sales systems in response to the contemporary industrial and FMCG market requirements which ensure that the desired amount of sales is achieved in expected time and within the planned budget in the conditions of high competition. By Alex Sementsov, EMAS Business Coach, one of the best experts in Sales Management in Central & Eastern Europe.

Acquisition of the most advanced competencies in Sales Management and setting up effective Sales systems in an unstable environment in B2C and B2B markets with strong competition, both local and global.

Suitable for small – medium – large business

Duration: 4 days

HR Management

Effective training for building a coherent human resources management system in the company

Duration: 1 day

Business Planning

Effective training on the concept of business planning

Duration: 4 days

Finance and Accounting Management

Effective traning on the most effective and reliable tools in corporate finance management that ensure the optimal value of the business and are widely practiced in international and domestic businesses