EMAS is proud to be one of the first Russian and East and Central European signatures of United Nations PRME campaign which is dedicated to the responsible way of doing business and teaches people keeping social responsibility in mind.

EMAS established the initiative called ‘EMAS Open World program’ that offers a full scholarships for those, who are in need and can’t finance their studies at an MBA paying full prices because of serious physical disabilities.

The focus of the initiative is truly international; people from Europe, North and Latina America, Asia, Africa, Australasia and other parts of the World can apply and get a scholarship. There are no regional restrictions.

Abiding the campaign, EMAS is doing a lot to make the society better.

This program is launched with an idea that people with serious physical disabilities, who can’t study at a business school because of physical limitations, must have a chance to get a well-reputed online business education, while staying at home under the conditions which are convenient for them.

The Full scholarship can be granted only to the applicant, who can prove his/her physical disability by a trustful medical statement*. The decision to grant the full scholarship is within the Admission committee’s discretion and is not guaranteed in any case. The full scholarship can be granted exceptionally for MBA: General Management program, Online format.

The full scholarship will not be granted to anyone who has no physical disability to perform work and earn for his / her training. Living in a poor country and having low income is not considered as a valid reason for the full scholarship.

The full scholarship is granted in the form of 100% discount from the program’s regular price. It is not granted in the form of money transfer.

* EMAS do not posses any obligation to grant the scholarship – it is up to the EMAS Admission Committee to decide in every particular case. This is not an open public offer.